Mazda RX-8 Turbo VS Porsche 997 Carrera 4S

from 6x km to 16x km RX-8 lost 3-4 cl.

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Prelude vs. RX-8
Just messin around in some tunnels. Mostly wanted to get a fly-by shot of my friends RX-8. Surprisingly the whole thing sounded pretty nice in the confines of the tunnel. Anyway, yea he won, no surprise. Only "hp" upgrades I have are: -AEM CAI -Thermal R&D dual tip catback. Looks almost stock. ***got a mazdaspeed 6 now. woohoo, i will miss the lude =\

Mazda RX-8 turbo ~ Rotary 13B-RE
A few weeks ago we showed you a wild 20B powered Mazda RX-8 street car built by Promaz Automotive. Well here's another late model Mazda using and older style rotary engine this time in the way of a 13B twin rotor Cosmo engine. The RE engine as found in the JC Cosmo is similar to that of the Series 6 RX-7 but features larger secondary ports. Fitting the engine is a Promaz bolt-in cross member while the engine itself has been freshened to a turbo bridge port specification. The factory twin sequential turbochargers have made way for a single Garrett roller bearing unit mounted on a custom manifold with Boost governed via a turbosmart wastegate. A switch to E85 pump fuel has enabled an increase in Boost, but as the stock RX8 gearbox is still in place the guys have opted to a more forgiving organic single plate clutch. Mazda RX-8 by Promaz Automotive, Australia [ ] Promaz 13B-RE Cosmo turbo race bridge port engine Promaz custom bolt-in cross member Garrett roller bearing turbo charger turbosmart 50mm wastegate, turbosmart eBoost Street electronic Boost controller Promaz custom E85 fuel system with Bosch 044 pumps Promaz custom inlet manifold, Intercooler and piping Promaz billet crank angle sensor adapter Exedy heavy duty clutch with organic plate Factory stock RX-8 gearbox Simmons 22in gold plated wheels

Vergleich Mazda RX-8 vs. BMW 330 Ci: Verschiedene Coupé-Konzepte im Vergleich
Reihensechser gegen Wankelmotor - doch welches Konzept ist das bessere? Vergleich Mazda RX-8 vs. BMW 330 Ci.

Fastest Stock Mazda RX-8 going 270 km/h on German Highway
My buddies RX8 going 270 km/h...with 4 people in it (him, his girlfriend, his brother and me)