Chevy Lumina vs Subaru STi (Track Day)

Chevy Lumina SS hunting a few cars down at an open track day at Killarney. None of these drivers are professional racers but just shows how much fun one can have by attending an open track day. Video by - The Ultimate Online Motorsport Magazine.

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Chev Lumina SS Supercharged " THOR "
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Track Day Crashes - A Compilation (HD)
Trackdays can be fun but when they go wrong, they go badly wrong! DISCLAIMER: I do not own the footage, all clips are available publicly on YouTube.

Lumina ss 6.0L | تسارع لومينا
L98 acceleration " تسارع من ( 0 و 40 ) الى 200 .. " ماشاء الله ( هوائيـات ) L98 6.0L V8 engine with 4 gears auto transmission. full job done by PMD accelerations took place in Jubail Industrial city تعديلات أساسيه بواجي وأسلاك رياضيه ومبردات قير ومكينة.. تعديلات رياضيه ( هوائيات ) فلتر هواء ، 3 انش لونق تيوب هدرز، 2.5 اكس بايب كات باك (قزوز)، برمجة قير + مكينة الأنتيك من شركة فرارام الهدرز من شركة ميجا بيرفورمانس الكات باك من شركة ماقنا فلو أسلاك أم أس دي - بواجي ( تي آر 6 ) من شركة ان جي كي برمجة فريق بي أم دي لاحد ينسى ذكر الله

453kw RGM Supercharged Chev Lumina 6.0i
453kw@800rpm / 759nm@4500rpm 100% locally designed and developed in-house Supercharge Conversion RGM Vortech V2 T-trim Supercharger Dual fuel Pumps Dual recirculation / dump valves RGM stainless steel performance Exhaust B51 Aluminum Supercharger Crankshaft Pulley Additional Performance Options: Torco Fuel accelerator dual mapping Removal of road speed governor Carbon Fibre Intake Custom made RGM Ceramic coated Exhaust manifold branches High performance brake & suspension package RGM-Tein Suspension system