Chevy Lumina vs Subaru STi (Track Day)

Chevy Lumina SS hunting a few cars down at an open track day at Killarney. None of these drivers are professional racers but just shows how much fun one can have by attending an open track day. Video by - The Ultimate Online Motorsport Magazine.

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Chev Lumina SS Supercharged " THOR "
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E55 AMG vs SRT8 300C
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453kw RGM Supercharged Chev Lumina 6.0i
453kw@800rpm / 759nm@4500rpm 100% locally designed and developed in-house Supercharge Conversion RGM Vortech V2 T-trim Supercharger Dual fuel Pumps Dual recirculation / dump valves RGM stainless steel performance Exhaust B51 Aluminum Supercharger Crankshaft Pulley Additional Performance Options: Torco Fuel accelerator dual mapping Removal of road speed governor Carbon Fibre Intake Custom made RGM Ceramic coated Exhaust manifold branches High performance brake & suspension package RGM-Tein Suspension system

10th annual Mitsubishi EVO vs Subaru Wrx/Sti day
visit 10th annual Mitsubishi EVO vs Subaru Wrx/Sti day at Racewaypark New Jersey. Oct 19,2013