SWIRLING(Yellow & Black Custom Guitar)

http://www.facebook.com/MrDean2005 THIS YELLOW & BLACK SWIRLED GUITAR IS THE MOST VISITED AND VIEWED SWIRLING VIDEO ON YOUTUBE & on the web!! Just like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the positive comments & Subscribers and feed back over the last few years,WOW,WOW,WOW NOW reaching 10 MILLION views & counting,keep SUBSCRIBING we have lots MORE TO COME,WE ARE ALSO ON FACEBOOK,Twitter!! Once again Many Thanks to you all!! Another Guitar Swirl still practicing to get technic right hope you like. If you go to my you tube channel you will see THIS Yellow & Black Swirled Guitar fully finished,clear coated,polished to a high gloss & with all the fittings and hardware.We also have a video of this Guitar being played any comments appreciated thanks!! Luthier Darrel Westray Swirling and finishing DeanSwirled

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Swirling(Finished Swirled Ibanez RG350 Guitar)
https://www.facebook.com/MrDean2005 Hey guys a before and after video of this Ibanez RG350 Guitar.It is now completely finished,beautifully Swirled and clear coated to a very high standard.Totally refurbished,frets leveled & polished with the fret board being lightly sanded & conditioned.Everything on this guitar is original except new screws on scratch plate & trem cover.Clear coat is high gloss polyurethane that has been sanded & polished to a very high level as one would expect from a much more expensive guitar.Swirled using 3 colours it looks stunning and sounds Awesome.This Ibanez is up for sale,if interested get in touch with myself @ deansands@btinternet.com.Subscribe MORE TO COME!! Swirling & Finishing DeanSwirled

SWIRLING(Scooter Plastic Clock Face)
http://www.facebook.com/MrDean2005 Hi Another swirl something a bit different this time,this is a Gilera Runner 180cc scooter plastic clock and speedometer face.I was asked to Swirl it Red & Black,after it has been Swirled it will be left to dry,then clearcoated,then polished to a mirror shine.I will be Swirling the wind shied very soon,so keep an eye on my vids cheers!!!! Swirling & Finishing MrDean2005

Swirling(3D line art Tutorial)
https://www.facebook.com/MrDean2005 Hi guys here we have another video,this one is the 3D Line Art tutorial in orange & black.Guitar body is, yes you have guessed it's a Darrel Westray guitar body.This video goes through the stages on how you can apply this technique to your guitar body and create a custom look!! Can be finished in any colours.Clear coated with a Polyurathane clear coat to achieve a super high gloss mirror finish when polished. SUBSCRIBE MORE TO COME!! Luthier Darrel Westray 3D Line Art & Finishing DeanSwirled

Swirling (Swirling my HANDS using 4 Colours)
https://www.facebook.com/MrDean2005 Hi Guys just having a bit of fun in my New Log Cabin.Decided to mess around with 4 colours and Swirl my hands,Yes my hands,well gloves in fact.Came out pretty Cool,Shame i did'nt have a guitar body to Swirl would of came out really good!!Just practicing etc to see how paint sits on the water.Will be Swirling some guitar bodies SOON!! Swirling by DeanSwirled