How Not to Unload a Sports Car LOL

They never should have trusted that plywood salesman who swore it would make a perfect car ramp. Pretty smart ha? LOL!

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This is how NOT to unload a brand new Raptor...
Dude missed the ramp unloading my new truck...

Porsche Carrera GT Crash / FAIL
Poor driving of a Porsche Carrera GT being put onto the back of a truck. Stubborn clutch = Wrecked rear diffuser. Like, Share and Subscribe. Thanks Also this was the model of car Paul Walker was killed in. RIP Paul

Do not try this at the car wash
Note to time we do maintenance at the car wash that requires a genie lift, unload the lift OUTSIDE the car wash tunnel and roll it in!

Ferrari Showoff Fail!
I think he's better off running Ferrari's than driving them.