Cold Starting a Cummins Diesel

Cummins NT855 14 Litre turbocharged 6 cylinder diesel engine used to power a Dawson-Keith backup generator being started at 2ºC. This engine has no glow plugs, water heater, excess fuel or other cold starting aids. The Generators output is 175KW or 218KVA.Engine speed is governed to 1500 rpm to maintain 50 Hz. Good batteries and a ear defenders are a must! Recorded on a Nokia N95

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Winter is Cummins #5 || The Best Cold Start Diesels Compilation
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Difficult -5ºC Cold start on the Cummins NT 855
The South of England has been hit by a severe cold snap and the temperature dropped overnight to -11ºC and as all the power distribution in the area is by overhead power cables I thought it was well to test the Gen in case of a power outage. The temperature at startup is around minus 5 and hense the long hard cranking. I know most of you have seen this all before, but this is taken with a HD camcorder and wide angle lens adaptor with better low light performance.

ABC Diesel Engine Startup Tugboat 5500 Horsepower
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