1968 Mustang GT/CS vs. 2007 Shelby GT500 drag race in Fontana 120608

David Athans' 1968 California Special Mustang vs. a modded 2007 Shelby GT500 (Exhaust, intake, Supercharger pulley, cheater slicks, stock 3.30 gear). Shelby's time slip 60ft in 1.728 330ft in 4.851 660ft(1/8mile) in 7.435 @ 94.93mph 1000ft in 9.663 1320ft(1/4mile) in 11.539 @ 120.25mph 1968 Mustang's timeslip: 60ft in 1.668 330ft in 4.534 660ft in 6.963 @ 100.68mph 1000ft in 9.117 1320ft(1/4mile) in 11.085 @ 110.14 I ran out of gear(4.11 gear, 26" Hoosier, max engine rpm is 6700rpm and thats pushing it) and had to let off about 300 ft before the 1320ft mark and had to let off the throttle and get back on it and let off and get back on it a 3rd time. I got asked to leave after this race because i don't have a cage yet. Special thanks to Brian and Mason at B&D Racing for building a bad dude 347 motor

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Shelby Gt 500 Drag Racing 68 Mustang
Testing the changes made to the 68 Mustang rear suspension. Some good driving by Harry was needed to keep it straight. I guess we need to try some different settings.

1968 Ford Mustang GT CS California Special - Sound
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1968 Mustang GT/CS 1st time with Nitrous on Dyno
David Athans 1968 California Special Mustang put down 477.5RWHP and 456.9 ft.-lbs. torque at the tires with a 150HP wet shot of the sauce. Special thanks to Mason and Brian of B&D Racing

Scaring the crap out of my wife
She hates when I do this!