Galpin Mustang Convertible Hardtop

Galpin Auto Sports 2011 Ford Mustang Convertible Hardtop in action

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Hardtop Convertible Mustang
Hardtop Convertible Mustang

10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Convertible
For today's video, I talk about 10 things to consider before buying a convertible! Thanks for watching, make sure you subscribe!

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👑 Why Mustang Drivers Have a BAD Reputation
Mustang Fails, Mustang Crashes, Mustang Loses Control and Mustang Burnout Fails. Many reasons why Mustang Drivers are getting a bad reputation. In this light hearted video we explore some of the reasons why Mustang drivers are getting a bad reputation. We cover Mustang loading fails, Mustangs hitting curbs, Mustangs nearly running people over in the crowd. Subscribe Now: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit our website: Visit our shop: Find us on Instagram: Find us on Twitter: Find us on Facebook: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Mustang Video Clips Used.