NSX CTSC (Comptech Supercharger)

1992 NSX, 1.6L Whipple Blower (Comptech Supercharger), 2004 3.2L Motor, 6-Speed Transmission, Cantrell AIS, K&N Air Filter, Taitec Headers, RM Racing Exhaust.

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Comptech supercharged nsx 6lbs of boost
6lbs of Boost 1st gear pull

Supercharged NSX Drag Racing
DtRockstar1 records a fast Supercharged Acura NSX racing down the drag strip. You'll see many different angles from the GoPro and other shots. The sound from the external mic is just awesome. This car has a stock engine tuned by Lovefab and has a Supercharger. Facebook - http://tinyurl.com/6385qw2 Blog - http://dtrockstar1.blogspot.co​m/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/DtRockstar1

Carbon NSX Ripping around at 9000RPM - Illtech Auto Salon
Illtech Auto Salon's Carbon clad NSX. With a fully built C30A used exclusively on Honda's NSX supercar capable of an ear splitting 9500rpm redline. Transmission, driveline, clutch, brakes, wheels, tires etc. are all built to withstand abuses associated with track racing. NSX owners wanting more from you supercar, visit us at Illtech Auto Salon. www.illtechauto.com

Was it a Mistake Buying the Cheapest Acura NSX in the USA???
For more about my NSX transformation clink the link to my article on autotrader.com/oversteer. http://www.autotrader.com/car-video/was-it-a-mistake-to-buy-the-cheapest-ac ura-nsx-in-the-united-states-263620