Hot Lap at Mid-Ohio w/ Tommy Byrne

Fun Laps at the end of the day. The Mid-Ohio School instructors having a little fun!

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Tommy Byrne at Mid Ohio in an M5
1 lap around Mid Ohio with Tommy Byrne, a former F1 driver, in an E60 M5.

Mid-Ohio close call
1 lap of Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course. Following behind another Boxster which spun at turn 12.

Ex-Formula 1 driver Tommy Byrne drives my Soobie
Mid-Ohio School Chief Instructor, Ex-F1 driver and all around badass driver drives my Soobie. Then my buddy hops in. You can here my babble a bit about Tommy's driver

Tommy byrne In the Mclaren 27 yrs ago
My Mechanic Kevin From 1982 sent me this Video It was a nice suprise as i had never seen it before Thank You Kevin