Hot Lap at Mid-Ohio w/ Tommy Byrne

Fun Laps at the end of the day. The Mid-Ohio School instructors having a little fun!

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Mid-Ohio close call
1 lap of Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course. Following behind another Boxster which spun at turn 12.

Tommy byrne In the Mclaren 27 yrs ago
My Mechanic Kevin From 1982 sent me this Video It was a nice suprise as i had never seen it before Thank You Kevin

Tommy Byrne at Mid Ohio in an M5
1 lap around Mid Ohio with Tommy Byrne, a former F1 driver, in an E60 M5.

Crashed and Byrned, William Hill Sports Book of the Year
Tommy Byrne from Dundalk, relives his controversial career in motorsport with Mark Hughes in his autobiography entitled 'Crashed and Byrned'. Now living in the United States, during the peak of his career Tommy was considered the best around and was the only driver Ayrton Senna ever feared. The book details where it all went wrong when he was so close to the top of world motorsport.