Yamaha Fzr 600

Gary ANd Aaron riding Yamaha Fzr 600 doggn it on the block

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Yamaha FZR 1000 Hardening the Valves by TIG Stellite Welding
Low cost and simple way to long-life Valves. The Yamaha engine is that one from my Goggomobil. I want to reduce the service intervalls for adjusting the valves. Welding without handgloves just for this case to handle the camera.

Historyczne czwartkowe popisy w Paniówkach

Close Up 145 HP Yamaha FZR1000 Engine converted for Goggomobil Microcar
This is an engine with few hours run, but with accident. It is the 3. Yamaha engine for my car. It had a small trouble. I welded the problems at the housing. The engine is now ready to be inserted in a Goggomobil car. The Differential Transmission is now already 10 years and over 120.000 km in use. I also show how to use 4 bearings in the wheel base.

Yamaha FZR 600 ('91) high speed driving on autobahn
Recorded with a Panasonic PAL DV camcorder with some plastic wrap to keep lens and mic clean and slightly reduce wind noise. Wind cut is turned off since it changes the audio in a weird way. Camcorder mounted on the tank lid. That's also why top speed is slightly reduced: I was wearing textile and couldn't hide behind the windscreen. At 2:24 there is a driver who lacks awareness and doesn't free up the left lane. If you're wondering why I didn't pass on the right: In Germany it's not allowed for safety reasons, and if that driver didn't notice me to begin with, passing on the right would be an even higher risk than generally, since I'd have to expect that such a driver might do stupid stuff like suddenly realizing the situation and then quickly switching to the right lane and ramming me. Best to keep distance from anyone who doesn't radiate competence.