75 Ford Maverick at Centerville dragway

sorry light, not happy with the torque converter but took the win anyway

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my bro's 1970 ford maverick aka MAD MAV no nitros no blower no turbo 550 hp best time 10.32 @ 132 mph

FORD 428 Cobra Jet Maverick Recovery 10 Second Old School Ride
This picture compilation is the Big Block 428 FE Maverick over the last 28+ years from 1986 to now. Pics from when it was bought and built in 1986, then traded-off in 1992, then dismantled, lost in a barn, then back to us in 2008 for recovery. Project has slowed down quite a bit of late but will be getting back to "speed". A 434 and 454 cubic inch Ford FE Big Block are staged for power. Thank you for taking a minute to visit and thanks for watching!

2009 Centerville Dragway 17th Annual Street Legal State Championships
Highlights from the 2009 Centerville Dragway 17th Annual Street Legal State Championships. www.ShoTimeGraphics.com

Ford Maverick 10.65!!!
time trial