VW Rabbit VR6 vs Mustang 5.0

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Golf VR6 Twin-Turbo

VR6 Turbo Just some driving
This video was just for a test drive because of some little problems with my Blow off valve causing FUEL CUTS! That the reason of my driving style!. So i was just cruising and granny shifting. Car already runs for 15 years like this. I ran a 13.5 seconds on 1/4 mile with street tires and WET TRACK! Car runs seriously good for the amount of Boost! Car is running on 0,8 bar and on 17 inch Semi Slicks. 215/40/17 Appr. 300-320bhp

1986 VR6 Swapped VW Rabbit X Complete Build.
Full build on http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?5428489-H20-build-start-to-finish -in-less-than-16-days Leave a like and comment on how I should improve my videos. Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed.. Songs... 0:04 - Fly - Fransis Derrel ft. Parker Pohill 3:25 - Let Me See You - Naima 6:04 - Feels Right - JPB & Myrne

golf vr6 vs challenger