(HD) BMW E92 M3 vs MB C63 AMG-Highway Pulls

2009 BMW E92 M3 vs Mercedes Benz C63 AMG. Both cars are bone stock, except for cosmetic modifications.

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(HD) BMW E46 M3 vs Audi S5 Highway Pulls
Here are 2 pulls between an Audi S5 and an E46 M3. The M3 is stock, while the S5 has electronic cutout valves after the primary catalytic converter. They were open for the 1st run, and closed for the 2nd. The S5 is auto, and I believe the m3 is smg.

Audi R8 V8 Heffner Twin Turbo startup rev and take off
Here is a red Audi R8 Twin turbo system by Heffner. Enjoy!

Corvette Grand Sport fun; Naples, Florida
My buddy and I took a Grand Sport out for a few days and had some fun with it. This was all recorded on an iphone (all we had on us during this short vacation), but still enjoyed recording this footage!

BMW E92 M3 Gintani Exhaust - Teaser Video
Check out this M3 with the Gintani Exhaust setup. I will upload a higher quality video of the car with some more footage in the near future.