Double Fatal Model A vs Nissan Titan - Graham WA

A sad story from May 7, 2005. The driver and passenger of the Model A were killed when the driver of Titan failed to yeild when making a left turn. The eldery couple was returning home from an antique car event. Several other friends drove past the wreck in their own classic cars. The driver died at the scene. The passenger, his wife died at the hospital. Seats belts might have allowed for a different out come, but were not installed in the Model A. Because of the age of the vehicle, seat belts were not required. I do not know if the driver of the Titan was later charged with anything.

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Double Fatal Accident Truck vs Pole 260th & The Mountain Highway Graham WA
March 7, 2011. Near Graham. The intersection of 260th Street East and The Mountain Highway. At about 6:15PM, the driver of the pickup blew a red light while oncoming traffic was making a left turn on a green arrow. The driver swerved to the right, striking the light pole at least going 55MPH. The posted speed limits. After hitting the pole, the truck gained air and spun into it's final position. No skid marks. even the dirt was not disturbed. An impact so great that it moved the pole foundation which is 8 feet of concrete about 4 inches, and created a large crack in the road surface. Both victims in their 40's died at the scene. A collision so great that the engine compromised the passenger compartment and forced the steering wheel around the neck of the driver. Pierce county Sheriff Deputies responded to the scene. Graham Fire and Rescue provided the responding fire units. The Washington State Patrol investigated the accident. WSDOT (Washington State Department of Transportation) inspected the light pole and provided traffic control.

5 Trapped 2 Die in Dump Truck Rollover / Cajon Pass RAW FOOTAGE CAJON PASS - At around 11:40PM the California Highway Patrol and San Bernardino County Fire responded to a major vehicle accident on the I-15 South at the Highway 138 exit. Per Fire Capt. Hauducoeur, San Bernardino County Fire, a dump truck lost its brakes as it was exited the 15 freeway South. The dump truck then crossed through an intersection and down an embankment. At the bottom of the embankment is a Shell Gas Station where a blue colored sedan was parked. The dump truck came to rest on top of the sedan pinning the occupants inside. Per the Hauducoeur there are 4 immediate, 1 Dead at the scene and at least 2 victims were airlifted to an area hospital. A trauma team was also brought to the scene. UPDATE*** One victim has died at the hospital bringing the total to two fatalities

Pole Embedded in Car With Extrication
Another one for the "How did he survive that" file. Honda Accord is sliced by a pole to the point that the car is suspended above ground. Solo driver is extricated and airlifted to a Trauma Center and survives with extremity fractures. He was allegedly intoxicated.

Double Fatal Freeway Crash
An SUV traveling EB 91 Fwy hits the center divider and spins back into traffic... It is struck by other cars, causing one passenger to eject from the SUV and die on the spot. Chain reaction crashes continue, and one man gets out of his car and proceeds towards the main crash on foot. He is also struck at high speed and dragged more than 300 feet to his death. Alcohol indeed played a role in the initial crash with the SUV according to authorities.