Yamaha XJ 600 Diversion Leistungsmessung / Leistungsprüfstand Takkoni

Meine Diva auf dem Leistungsmessstand. Auswertung am Ende des Videos. Auspuff ist ein Takkoni, natürlich ohne den lästigen dB-Killer.

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XJ600 with IXIL Grand Prix Exaust
Pot Ixil grand prix sans chicane monté sur ma XJ 600 Diversion.

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What happens when you give three Bike staff three Yamaha Diversions 600s, a miniscule budget and tell them to go as fast as possible? Apparently you get one tuned engine, one bolt-on Nitrous kit and one ludicrous shrink-wrapped streamliner. But which is most effective? There's only one way to find out...

Yamaha XJ 600 Akrapovic exhaust
Double titanium Akrapovic Exhaust with custom home made stainless steal pipes.

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