Buick Turbo-T vs Buick GSX

This was taken at the 2012 Buick GS Nationals. My buddy Seth takes some good vids.

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2012 Buick GS Nats TAI 3rd round qualifying Saturday JD 9sec
Can't see the towers much, but this is a good shot from behind the burnout box. It does include JD's 9sec pump gas and alky pass at the end though. Congrats JD!

Buick Grand National vs. Buick GSX
A cool race between new school and old school. turbo Charged 3.8 Vs. Supercharged 3.8

Insane Jump by a Buick La sabre
A video for everyone to enjoy.

Buick GS crash 2012
The Driver was okay. Buick GS crash July 2012 NHRA