honda cg 125 chopper bobber in the makeing,

part 1 cg 125 check out the other vids of the chopper nearly finished cool

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Chopper 125 cc Prototipo Part 1 - Testes
Primeiros testes com o Prototipo Chopper com motor Honda 125 cc

honda cg 125 chopper bobber completed first and only ride
honda cg125 home build .drives nice,but had to sell

yamaha dt175 mx 1979
im now useing the dt most days all work done,now time to enjoy,125 miles on new motor so far, keeping under 5000 revs and after 200 miles will increase the revs , starts and runs like new,real fun from a old skool bike,will be useing the bike ,and even use off road,from time to time,as i said before,use and enjoy,nice and easy,no need to go mad,light off road and mud cleans off,these bike are fun,once ive done the 500 miles run in will open it up ,hopeing to get70mph,lol ,also i need the right hand side barrel rubbers,vibe rubbers,anyone got any?

testando bobber prototipo de Cg 125 titan... teste N2
Balança soldada e pronta para mais modificações