LS1 Ticking Noise

2000 Trans Am with 95k miles. FAST 92MM Manifold, 92MM TB SLP FlowPac 3.90 Motive Gears Just started ticking, oil is it is

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LS1 Rocker Clacking
To all the questions: As of 9/23/13 I still drive the car once a week, usually hard, and have not taken it to a second mechanic. Sounds the same. If anything changes I will update.

LS1 with a 'tick', help please
LS1 with a tick, doesn't do it right on start up, but after about 15 sec. it'll 'tick' (the sound you hear that seems to be in the background, you need to really pay attention to hear it). Sounds like it's coming from the driver side bank. Pushrod or lifter maybe?

LS1 knocking noise?
2002 VU LS1 with a shocking knocking sound that comes and goes...

Piston slap, Bent pushrod, or lifter tick??
2001 ws6 trans am, it's an m6 car with 41,4XX miles. I bought the car last August and it made this noise but it was extremely faint compared to now. It does quiet up after 20 min but not completely.