Warren 9.97 57 Devin special

Warren at Bandimere,9.97

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Keensburg streetrace 57 Devin Warren 2FAST4U
Streetrace Keensburg Co. 1957 Devin and Big block chevy

2011 Atwood Rod Run - Kansas - Warren's 1957 Devin
Warren's 9 second Modified Sports (A/MSP) 1957 Devin Special, powered by a 385ci SB Chevy on Nitrous vs a Bandimere Speedway King Street 1964 Chevelle, powered by a blown big block.

atwood kansas 2008 early rod run 57 devin
This is that awsomly fast 1957 Devin special owned by Warren Harrison of denver CO. This car hooks

The Devin SS in 3D-HD Video at Limerock race track
From conceptcarz.com; Bill Devin, proprietor of Devin Motors in Los Angeles, was a leading designer in the kit-car business, making high-quality fiberglass body kits for production chassis. In 1957, he was approached by Irish engineer Malcolm MacGregor, who wanted a body kit to fit a steel-tube chassis he had built around a Chevy Corvette V8 engine. They agreed that the chassis would be built in Northern Ireland and then shipped to California to be bodied and trimmed. The resulting Devin SS was well reviewed by the American automotive press. This car is one of 14 built, and has fully independent suspension and four-wheel Girling disc brakes. Devin, unlike many others, made his own suspension system and differential housings.