Warren 9.97 57 Devin special

Warren at Bandimere,9.97

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Don's 55 chevy Burnout
My buddy Don and his Fat chance 2 1955 Chevy do'in the big SMOKEY!!

Keensburg streetrace 57 Devin Warren 2FAST4U
Streetrace Keensburg Co. 1957 Devin and Big block chevy

atwood kansas 2008 early rod run 57 devin
This is that awsomly fast 1957 Devin special owned by Warren Harrison of denver CO. This car hooks

One Major %&S Whooping (Muscle kills Tuner)
This is a part of footage I took at Pinks All Out that came to Bandimere Speedway in 2008. I like this race, because an American Muscle kicks the A$$ of this lame tuner. Watch this video it is great