On 3 Performance Twin Turbo 2011 Mustang GT 5.0 Coyote

This is our first On 3 Performance 5.0 Coyote twin turbo production turbo system that we have produced and installed on the shop 2011 5.0. We are currently making around 570rwhp on a Mustang Dyno and through an automatic at approximatly 6.x psi. We believe a 6sp car, a little more tuning and using a Dynojet we would be over the 600rwhp mark already. There is more left in the tune and currently just not pushing the car till we get more time on the setup. It pulls like a freight train and we should have it to the track within a week or two. The goal for the time being is 10.999 and very do-able and would like to see mid 10s after we have things all dialed in and a few more pounds of Boost.

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On 3 2011 Twin Turbo 5.0 GT Goes 9.50 @ 151 - On 3 Performance
This is the new On3 Performance.com twin turbo system for the 2011+ Mustang GT/Boss 5.0. With ~16psi on a Mustang Dyno and through the automatic, we were right at 860rwhp on a safe tune. Very easily this system is capable to make over 900 on the stock turbos and well over 1000 with our upgrade 67mm turbos. Each kit includes our On 3 ceramic ball bearing 60mm turbochargers standard in each kit. Everything from turbo manifolds to the turbo and downpipes to the h/x-pipe location. Check our site for the complete kit detail and full parts list. Any questions let us know or if you would like to order. On3Performance.com or call us at 614-439-0057 Retail is $3,739 or email On3performance@aol.com

2013 Mustang GT On3 Performance Twin Turbo- Stretch
Stretch is a 2013 Mustang GT powered by a pair of On3 Performance turbos. Running low 9's all day he is about ready for that 8 second pass! Just a Texas Street Car having some fun at the track! Follow me- I Take Cool Pics- www.instagram.com/moostang09 Tweet Me Bro- www.twitter.com/moostang09 Come hang out with myself and other Mustang enthusiasts! www.s197forum.com or www.dfw50s.com Like and Subscribe Music- Download Music: http://teknoaxe.com/Link_Code_2.php?q=468 **This track is Royalty Free and is free for anyone to use in YouTube videos or other projects, whether monetized or not.** http://www.facebook.com/teknoaxe http://www.reverbnation.com/teknoaxe

Stunning Twin Turbo Ford Mustang GT 5.0
Stunning Twin turbo Ford Mustang GT 5.0 MY TWITTER - https://twitter.com/#!/GALLARDO84 MY FACEBOOK - http://www.facebook.com/#!/GALLARDO84 MY RAZZI PHOTOS - http://razzi.me/ROUSHIN84 MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL - www.youtube.com/roushin84

Armageddon GT1000: 2014 Mustang GT with 1500 Horsepower
Armageddon turbo Systems and turbo By Garrett WWW.GOturbo.NET Debuting at SEMA 2014 is the newest offering from Armageddon turbo Systems! Armageddon has partnered up with the Hyperstangs program, a division of Rich Ford, to bring the ULTIMATE in performance to Mustang owners world wide. This vehicle is brand new, untitled and also for sale! (Financing available). Want to add 1000+ horsepower to your brand new Mustang? No problem. Want to wrap it into your financing? Give us a call. This vehicle features the following: -Armageddon Twin turbo System: With Garrett GTX3582R turbochargers -Armageddon MPS 1300 Shortblock: With Manley performance Pistons and Rods -Armageddon Triple Pump Fuel System: Supplies enough fuel on demand for 1800 horsepower! -Injector Dynamics 1300cc Fuel Injectors:The best Twin-turbo System requires the BEST Fuel Injectors: Enough Said... -Armageddon Gulf-Spec System: AEM Boost controller and methanol system to keep Air Temperatures within specification in even the most DEMANDING conditions -Armageddon Fail-Safe System: Using and AEM Wideband failsafe, this system protects the engine in extremem situations or if the Methanol system runs out -Armageddon Twin-Disk Clutch: Holding all the power from the engine, this piece has its work cut out for it, but remains up to the challenge -Armageddon One-Piece Aluminum Driveshaft: Keeps the power rotating in the correct direction even in extreme conditions -SCT X4 Handheld: Permitting the interface between custom tuner and the vehicle's ECU, this unit is top of the line. -Installed and Tuned by Motiva: The BEST street Mustang tuning and installation facility around. You can trust these guys to install and tune just about anything, but they will GLADLY build you a Mustang that will exceed the expectations of the even the most demanding client. Don't settle for products claiming their worth. Get the best. Get Power. Get Armageddon! Armageddon turbo Systems 6919 Montgomery Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87109 www.goturbo.net facebook.com/goturbo.net