Most car makes years ago could be identified by a certain look, a certain design. This year the '68 Pontiac tradition continues with it's wide-track stance and the familiar beaked grille causing instantaneous recognition that this is indeed a Pontiac. The large Pontiacs came in 3 models: The Catalina, Executive, and the Bonneville. Engines available for these large Pontiacs were the 400 cid, 265 hp., 290 hp., 340 hp., or the 428 cid with between 375 - 390 horses. All engines are V8's. Only 7,339 '68 Catalina convertibles were made that year. Whereas the only other Pontiac model to make convertibles was the Bonneville with 7,358 units made. This recently restored Catalina use to be the owner's college transportation and a lot of time, funds and sweat was taken to bring this back to factory. So check it out and see if you can keep from falling for this Pontiac baby. Thanks very much for viewing this 1968 Pontiac Catalina convertible.

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1968 Pontiac Bonneville Exterior and Interior - Saint Catherine Street, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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1968 Pontiac Catalina 400/4bbl

1968 Pontiac Catalina Drum To Disc Brake Conversion Part 16 final
DONE! I just picked my car up from the the tire place. They hooked up the new brake lines and other fiddly hardware. She stops with more authority now, and doesn't lurch all over the road when the brakes are applied. Turning is SMOOTH with the new/refurbished components. :) The owner's teenage son even gave her a much needed bath! I haven't been able to get the parts I need to finish fixing the driver's window so that it will roll up and down, but I should have them soon. I need to rekey her and replace the trunk lock (currently consisting of a screwdriver). The cheap paintjob I had done on her is flaking on the hood (it was a problem area to start with). The electrical needs some attention (no right turn signal, brake lights work but marker lights don't, I've got a short somewhere). I also need to get the port side Exhaust rerouted to go OVER the centerlink so that it won't interfere with my steering. On to the next project! Thanks to everyone who had encouraged me and provided advice (the Poncho mailing list), moral support (Mom and the Poncho list), and ceaseless mockery (Mom and the Poncho list, but mostly Mom).

68 Catalina (Cathy) update
whats good and whats bad