Lifted ford sport trac with chevy 350CI

These trucks only came with a 4.0 six cyl. When the trans blew we installed a 350 Chevy V8 with cam/intake/Holley & a 400 Transmission. Wont fry the 37x14.5s even with 5.13 gears, but tons better then the 6 popper. On the video I shift way too soon but you get the idea :)

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Torsion bar twist on a sport trac
I briefly go over how to lift/level with a torsion bar twist

Ford Sport Trac Bed Versitility
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Sport Trac Adrenalin with Coyote 5.0 engine
The 2008 Coyote Adrenalin built by Shrader Performance, Gastonia NC. Road testing the truck with a Go-Pro mounted inside to capture the manual transmission shifting, and a 7000 rpm 2-3 shift. The audio is a little muffled from the GoPro case, so we will work on that for future videos. More info at

Chevy vs Ford
My buddies sport trac vs my z71. Both stock just pipes an brushgaurd on mine. Missing front left axle so the locker wont engage in 4x4. Could have made it out easy if I went straight but I wanted to try at an angle.