mgb gt v2 1

a short video of my MG, beginning may seem slow but give it a chance lol. take the car for some "spins"

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mgb duratec
MGB Going through some changes over the last couple of years. Best played in full screen and loud, a few pics at start but let it play.

Thousands invested in this 1972 MGB GT
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MGB GT quest
Is it too much to ask for a decent MGB GT under TVR money? Apparently Music - 'Fire on the banjo' by Carl Story & His Rambling Mountaineers (this is from the LP 'Banjo Jamboree' and is the speed it was on the album. I'm sure they speeded it up)

MGB chasing black ferrari
Charity day at castle combe. Ferreri driver cant handle an MGB being faster. On seeing the MGB about to overtake he suddenly dives into the pit lane. Makes me Laugh! Had my friends 8 year old son in the car he thought it was great. Well done Ben.