mgb gt v2 1

a short video of my MG, beginning may seem slow but give it a chance lol. take the car for some "spins"

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mgb duratec
MGB Going through some changes over the last couple of years. Best played in full screen and loud, a few pics at start but let it play.

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1968 MGB at brands hatch
Went for some track time at brands hatch with some friends in the pug gti, mini cooper and mazda mx5. i had the oldest car there by a long shot but thankfully i wasn't the slowest. The tvr chimera didnt catch me, neither did the BMW or modded civic. Try and spot the new smart race car, it was one of the fastest there beating the porsche. Fastest driver was sam in his pug GTi. Git ;-).

MGB GT at brands
brands hatch in our classic cars, unfortunately the quality went bad when i uploaded it, also my dad isnt great with the camcorder lol. Please give it a chance. I was there with some friends in the triumph spitfire and mini cooper. The other car is a clio cup which being very modern and powerful was faster than us. But i think the cars ran well.