Power Steering Pump Replacement Dodge Neon

Power Steering Pump Replacement Dodge Neon

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Dodge Neon noise

Power Steering Pump Misdiagnosis: Dirty Reservoir Screen
CARDONE's ProTech video on a common misdiagnosis on many late model, Import and Domestic Power Steering Pumps. Learn how to spot and properly correct this problem.

How to replace all engine mounts on dodge neon part1
The middle mount is the hardest to replace it's almost the same like a timing belt replacement on this car... in case with this dodge neon the middle mount bolt broke. the upper mount and lower mount because of this became bad... I couldn't extract the cracked bolt from assembly while in the car it's nearly impossible...

Power Steering Pump Overhaul/Rebuild 2002 Honda Odyssey
This is a detailed video of my procedure for performing a complete overhaul and rebuild of the power steering pump on a 2002 Honda Odyssey. At 178,000 miles, it developed a leak and I decided to attempt an overhaul on the pump rather than buying a replacement. I purchased a repair kit online from Rock Auto for around $20 including shipping. Since a quality rebuilt/remanufactured pump can cost upwards of $200, I thought it was worth a try. The repair kit which included all of the o-rings and seals was a Gates brand, part #348527. With the right basic tools and some patience, it is not a very difficult job. UPDATE: The leak was not with the pump after all. This project was a worthwhile attempt at fixing the problem and I enjoyed learning about the process of overhauling the pump. However, the leak was actually in the high pressure hose. Here's my follow-up video on what turned out to be the ultimate fix. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckuxUVF16k8 I win!