Honda civic VTI EK4 Homemade exhaust :-)

Honda civic VTI 1.6 a little tuning :-)

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Honda Civic 1.6 Turbo vs 500hp Toyota Supra Turbo
B16 gt3582r turbo vs 2JZ Twin turbo's

DIY exhaust gaskets
A tutorial illustrating how to make Exhaust gaskets. The background choon is called "Grimmy timmy" made by myself. Enjoy

Honda Civic vti vs Audi A8 4.2
Honda Civic 1.6 vti vs Audi A8 4.2 quattro :))

Stock exhaust vs No muffler vs Straight pipe vs Homemade muffler
What Peugeot 406 will sound like with stock Exhaust, without a muffler, with a straight pipe and with a homemade muffler. Please Subscribe