Infiniti M35 Stillen exhaust sound

This is the follow up to the first video I did with the stock exhause sound.. you be the judge!!

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M35 Y50 Exhaust Sound Clip
M35 Y50 Exhaust Sound Clip

Tanabe medalion touring mufflers and Megan Mid-pipe, 2009 Infiniti M35 sound clip at cold start.
Per the sound meter app and inside the car, cold start at approx 1500 rpms 58 dB to 60 dB, with engine warmed up at 600 rpms approx 48 dB to 50 dB and engine revved up to 3000 rpms approx 67 dB to 70 dB. Also, not shown in this video but I checked the sound at idle by the Exhaust and it was approximately 83 dB to 87 dB. Also, driving at 50 miles per hour, the sound meter app readings showed about 70 dB to 73 dB.

M35 sport w/Megan Exhaust and BERK HFC's
Megan Exhaust w/ BERK High Flow Cats

Infiniti M35 with Injen cold air intake
just driving around stepping on the gas pedal so you can hear the CAI sound.. (just for fun, and NO I dont always drive like this!)