ARAL Cabriowäsche Chrysler Crossfire Roadster

ARAL Cabriowäsche (Christ)

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Christ Quantus car wash at BP
High-spec Christ Quantus car wash system with blue Sensotex textile brushes at a BP petrol station. Satisfaction rating: Excellent. One of the best car washes in the country. A very thorough wash, although the programme is a bit on the long side and the price of the top wash can come as a bit of a shock.

Aral Cabrio-Wäsche
Ab in den New Beetle-Frühling

German Car Wash - Washstrasse bei Esso aka Tiger Wash... :")
My BMW 535iA at the Esso gas station's car wash. Note the under carriage (unternboden) wash. Very important bc the Germans use lots of salt in the winter months. :))

Jumbowaschstraße in Salzgitter
Zu Besuch bei einer Christwaschstraße mit Textilem-Waschmaterial.