RIMI I Will Always Love You

Rex and Mimi music video with voice overs.

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jason cook I will always love you
classic and modern shelle from days of our lives plus matt and maxie from General Hospital

Rex and Mimi - " Without You"
A video of how Rex and Mimi feels now that they´re no longer togheter. Credit to Days.nu and a special thanks to Ariet at http://z10.invisionfree.com/LostWithoutYou/index.php?act=idx

Shawn & Mimi Days of Our Lives
Survivor- The Search is Over title song. Excellent video for Shawn & Mimi fans or Days of Our Lives fans altogether. PeeJ Productions

Rex/Mimi // A Thousand Miles // |Whole Version|
As soon as I heard this song I thought about Remi right away! Rex and Mimi were a ONE IN A MILLION couple and their break-up hit me hard. I'm very sensitive so I was crying when Rex left Mimi. I felt as if my boyfriend broke up with me LOL. Well anywho; I hope you enjoy this! Song: A Thousand Miles by: Vanessa Carlton (Pitch Shifted) Couple: Rex & Mimi Soap: Days of our Lives NO COPYRIGHT INFRIGEMENT IS INTENDED!