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Tuned Skoda Octavia RS 2003 Acceleration Tacho Speedometer

Testing the Performance on my friends tuned Skoda Octavia RS 2003. Produced by J.Löfstedt


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octavia Rs 1,8T 132kw

Skoda Rapid vs Hyundai Solaris | Выбор есть!
Наши партнеры: Видео тест-драйвы автомобилей - Videoproavto.ru http://videoproavto.ru

Skoda Octavia RS TDI 170 vs 140 PS acceleration
Skoda Octavia RS TDI 170 vs 140 PS - acceleration and top speed test compared

MB E320 Coupe - Police Unmarked Skoda Octavia RS
Finland Espoo I passed civil Police car couple of minutes before this (I didn´t notice it). It was Black Skoda Octavia RS with tinted windows. They didnt put their lights on so I just pushed "litlle"... My ex Mercede-Benz = 3.2L engine 220Hp 310Nm pictures of MB http://irc-galleria.net/archive.php?nick=Toukki&album_id=592986

Skoda Octavia III RS 2013 TDI vs. TSI - direct acceleration comparison
RS TDI on the left, RS TSI on the right, appropriate stereo sound. As you may see, diesel version is quite comparable till some 180 km/h, then the petrol verison plays its own game. In case of acceleration on any specific gear from low revs, the petrol version just flies, the diesel one is much less agile. More at: http://www.Autoforum.cz/prvni-dojmy/protahli-jsme-octavii-iii-rs-tdi-vedle- tsi-je-to-dynamicky-odvar/

Octavia RS 1.8T 132Kw od kolebky do hrobu
octavia, česky těšín,crash,1.8T.132kw

Skoda Octavia vRS 1.8T 0-200 km/h
2001 Skoda Octavia vRS 1.8 20vT accelerating from standstill upto 200 kph. 0-100 - in more than 7 sec 0-200 - aprox 28 sec 100-200 - aprox 20 sec standing kilometre - aprox 28sec Car is stock. Outside was 7°C, summer tires, 16" OE wheels, moderate 1st gear wheelspin. +1 passenger. Sorry about the sound, hand was on the phone's mic. NO professional measuring equipment used. I just wrote the times from the video, if anyone is interested..

2015 All-new Skoda Fabia test drive REVIEW - Autogefühl
Join us for the 2015 All-new Skoda Fabia test drive REVIEW. Also check out: Volkswagen Polo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoyt8mLQVuU Opel/Vauxhall Corsa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2tjFdPXfYI Videos: http://tv.autogefuehl.de German Blog: http://autogefuehl.de http://facebook.de/autogefuehl Recommended: http://newcarz.de

[Essai-Tracktest Motorvision DSF] Skoda Octavia RS 1.8T
L'essai Allemand (Motorvision.de) de l'Octavia RS Mk1 ( 2001-2004) 1.8T 180 Jaune Citron (Lemon-Gelb) Skoda Octavia RS im Tracktest Motorvision.

Skoda Octavia II vRS
skoda auto

Skoda Octavia RS TDi 210PS - Best of the Best 2007- 09 - by JasteR - dieselpower.cz - NEW WERSION
http://www.dp-race.com Make sure to LIKE / COMMENT / SUBSCRIBE! Škoda Octavia RS TDi 210PS by JasteR - Sestrih toho Nej z roku 2007-09, Fotogalerie, videa z Tuning akci, sprinty atd.. Powered by dieselpower.cz ; engine AGR 66Kw @ 210Nm... :) :) upgrade to.. turbo 1749VB - 110Kw TDi, Race 520 injection nozzles, 12mm head pump, FMIC, Pistons, Rods, Crankshafts, oil cooler ARL 110Kw TDi, led air 96Kw TDi , Ceramic Clutch Sachs, Feed pump from TDi PD Katt OFF EGR OFF ...2009 new Hybrid turbo 155Kw @ 475Nm :) :) :) Pokud jsou upravy provedeny profesionalne s kvalitnim HW a SW neni problem jezdit a autem denne v beznem provozu, sam jsem s Octavii najezdil vice jak 100TKm..

Skoda Octavia RS 1.8T
Acceleration my Octavia RS from 50-195km/h. Zrychlenie mojej Oktavky RS od 50-195km/h

Skoda Octavia Rs HKS blow off

Octavia RS
Octavia rs

Octavia 1.8T 20V turbo
Skoda Octavia 1.8T (20V turbo) 110kW (150hp)

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2014 Skoda Octavia VRS 2.0tsi dsg: 14.400 @ 97.000


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