Get out of my way; I'm trying to de ice the bridge!

Highway Department Truck makes good use of air horn to warn people to move out of the way while sanding the ice covered roads. Jan. 25, 2008, Hot Springs, Arkansas.

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Numerous Icy Crashes and Spinouts Caught on Tape - Charleston, WV, March 8, 2008
** No one was hurt in any of these accidents. ** Learn more about driving on icy roads at: This footage has aired in many national and local television programming. Numerous accidents and spinouts on an icy Interstate 64 bridge are caught on camera. A car spins out and is then hit by a second car unable to stop. Other cars spin out dangerously close to tractor-trailers. Others strike the jersey barrier and do complete 360 spins. Lots of close calls round out this intense and dramatic sequence. Footage includes ground-level aftermath and fire/police/EMS response shots (no one was hurt). Stock footage catalog #HD-WVX-030808A Copyright Dan Robinson. See: ape-hd-wvx-030808a.php

Black Ice Road in Arkansas1 27 2009
The temp dropped as I topped the hill and I ran onto black ice. Only going 5 mph when I slid off the road

Tractor Trailer bumps icey bridge
Tractor Trailer Rig knocks bridge with trailer while braking on ice. Jan. 25, 2008. Hot Springs, Arkansas

Icy road sliding and spinouts compilation - 2012-2013 season coverage
A compilation of slides, spinouts and skids during feezing rain, snow, and sleet during the 2012-2103 winter icy road season in the Midwest USA. Stay safe on icy roads this winter by learning tips at For more coverage and videos from this upcoming season, follow at (Copyright Dan Robinson) For footage inquiries, visit: