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first start bws sport rdl prosport+c16 pas setté (1)

prosport pas setté pentoute...


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whitesport06 first start mhr big bore [ QuebecScoot ]
whitesport06 -quebecscoot

rdl quebecscoot - prosport préparé
pipe stock,stage6 pro sport 12mm préparé,bas moteur préparé a lepoxy,crank motoforce evo 12mm sur c4,carbu arreche 21mm,intake stage6 big valve,p-flow mhr e-13,vario hebo gp,clutch stage6 torque control,strappe athena platinium.... top speed : 90km/h...

[QUEBECSCOOT.COM] JACO13 BASIC+C16 (en setting) 2
cé ca!

Video De Mon Scoot En Racing L/C. Aucune Setting De Fait Tout Est Comme Au First Start

bws r quebecscoot jay_scoot
basic pas setté completement top speed = 92,1km/h GPS

Ek sedan b20b
ek sedan 00 b20b jdm,Exhaust 2'1/2 custom+skunk2 resonator,short ram custom 3'

Carl Nadon First Start -QUEBECSCOOT-
Motoforce Racing Rs70 21mm

my bws 155 stretched and lowered
sorry for my voice i am pretty hoarse. all of the parts you can either get off of the zumaforums.net site in the vendors area or rucksters.com. the stretch kit is done by fred at c.A. r. fabrication in the vendors area in the forum. if you want to get more rubber to the road then a stretch is the way to go. the doppler single shock is amazing. it gives you the control over your ride height as well(as if isn't low enough) just by airing the shock down or adding pressure to the shock. you have to have a high pressure mountain bike shock pump to add and lower pressure. you can get the shock from jerry at mx-performance. com. he is a great guy and really wants to make his way into the z125 market and offer parts for our bikes. if you are intressted in any of these parts check out zumaforums.net. most of everything i get is from the vendors on there. great stuff!!!!

Piaggio Typhoon With DPR Team 2
Parts: ★Stage 6 Sport Pro 70cc ★Stage 6 belt ★Stage 6 CNC Drive ★Stage 6 Cluch ★Stage 6 WinGBell ★Malossi MHR 2000 Multivar ★Malossi Green Rolls (g?) ★Hebo +90% Torque Spring ★Dellorto PHBG 21mm Racing, 92 Mainjet ★DPR Team 2 No correct action properly, because carburettor won't work correct

stage 6 racing allumage polini
bws sport K-C stage 6 racing l/c pipe yasuni c 16 allumage polini avec lumiere vilebrequin hebo 85mm intake mhr vers larriere 21mm pack overrange clutch 3 pad pour linstant

first start pat_machine quebecscoot rdl
prosport first start

First start [ 70cc stage6 pro sport]
first start de mon HYOSUNG: -70cc stage6 pro sport -pipe yasuni R -vario stock -clutch stock -carb mikuni 14mm [stock]

first start bws sport rdl prosport+c16
config : yasuni c16 st6 prosport 70cc 12mm prepa crank motoforce evo 12mm sur c4 carbu 21 areche intake st6 big valve + reed st6 vario hebo gp clutch st6 torque control rdl powa

Mon Scoot !!!
Mon scoot yamaha bw's sport 06 en projet !!! Moteur : Athéna Basic 70cc Crank : RMS Racing 10mm & Bearing Polini Pipe : Tecnigas RS 70 Chrome Carbu : 17.5mm Dell'Orto & P-Flow K&N Vario : Malossi Multivar Clutch : Malossi FLY 107mm & Cloche MHR Strape : Malossi X-Kelvar Read Valve : Athéna Carbone *** Encore En Projet ***

BWs sport mauve de fille, dyno adm 2007
Bws sport 2004 70pro sport, vario hebo Yasuni R, vilo. rms renfo

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