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Yamaha bws, Yamaha slider( прокат )stunt

yamaha bws! (HD)
Her er min lækre Yamaha Bws! Motor : * stage6 Racing krumtap * Ny stage6 racing cylinder 70cc * Stage6 pro sport udstødning * Stage6 variator * Stage6 pro sport kobling * Stage6 gearing * 21mm Dellorto karburator * Pollini evo luftfilter * Motoforce koblngsklokke Hestekræfter: ca. 9-12hk ca. 100 - 110km/t

2013 Yamaha Zuma 50 F- Quick Review
This is a brief overview of the 2013 Yamaha Zuma 50F. This could very well be the favorite replacing the Ruckus and the Metro (in my opinion). Why ? For starters, its faster than both the Metro and the Ruckus, (It's also $500 + more) however, the price may not deter the entry level rider who is attempting to get the most of their scooter and also the rider who may be seriously thinking of getting into something bigger in the future. What's most impressive aside from its rugged looks is it's astonishing fuel economy and top speed all in lieu of its hefty 200+ pounds. Buyers of this Scooter may opt for the Vespa though the LX50 is well north of the Zuma's $2500 + price tag. They will pay more for a scooter that weigh about the same does not achieve the same fuel economy but will sacrifice those things for a "Classic look".