Mercedes CLS55 AMG Cold Start

Resonator delete. Stock Exhaust.

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Straight Pipe Mercedes CLS55 AMG Burnout
This 2006 Mercedes CLS55 AMG edition with its Supercharged V8 engine does a few burnouts and launches. The video features the insane Exhaust start up, some Exhaust revs, and some spinning of dat der tires. This car is insanely loud in person and extremely fast. "eurocharged headers to full straight pipe with a x pipe in place of the resonators. No mufflers, no primary or secondary cats or mufflers. 83 mm Supercharger pulley." The car is straight piped from front to back. No mufflers, no cats. Lexani rims on skinny tires. Filmed in Mexico on a closed course. Driver unknown.

CLS 55 AMG with Soundcheck

Video Review: 640hp Mercedes CLS 55 AMG by ZR Auto
It's fast, orange, loud and commands attention. This four-door Mercedes not only looks bold, but it has some serious power to back it up; 640hp to be exact. It's stocked full of aftermarket parts from Kleeman and Brabus. Do you want to see this beast in action? Watch the video to hear the engine roar! This car is for sale by ZR Auto:

Mercedes Benz CLS 55 AMG '06 stock exhaust sound
Mercedes Benz CLS 55 AMG '06 stock Exhaust sound