E46 325 Vert With resonator delete and straight pipes

First resonator closes to engine deleted and the muffler deleted Sounds like v8 :(

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e46 323i muffler and last res removed (Straight Pipe)
e46 323i deleted muffler and removed last resonator (closest to muffler)

BMW 328i E46 || Eisenmann Soundrohr Resonator Delete
This is my 1998 BMW 328i, equipped with an Eisenmann soundpipe. The first resonator has been replaced for straight pipes and the second resonator has been replaced by an Eisenmann Soundpipe. The Exhaust has been converted from a single pipe midsection to a double pipe midsection, the OEM 328i rear-muffler has been replaced by a OEM 330i E46 muffler, which sounds more throaty than the 328i Exhaust. Overall, the sound is not too overwhelming. At cruising speeds the car is as silent as OEM and on throttle it sounds mad. Good speakers recommended!

E46 Rear Resonator Delete Part II
A better quality video of my rear resonator delete on my e46 325ci. Everything else is stock. This was recorded by with the engine fully warmed.

BMW E46 M3 muffler delete + AR20 resonator
my buddy's e46 m3 just did muffler delete and put two ar20 resonators replacing the stock resonators. no more RASP sound.