E46 325 Vert With resonator delete and straight pipes

First resonator closes to engine deleted and the muffler deleted Sounds like v8 :(

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Bmw 325ci straight pipes.
Just a muffler delete.

Bmw 325ci straight pipe
Muffler delete

BMW 325Ci Muffler Delete by Morse Muffler
Morse Muffler did a muffler delete on a 325Ci .... They did a great job and the video tells it all :) Songs: Freestylers- Cracks Beamer Benz or Bentley Remix

E46 325i Resonator and Muffler Delete
Recently took off the 2nd resonator, already had the muffler off, and got new tips. not trying to drift or do anything special just had some friends record it so i could see what my car sounded like from the out side