ZX14 helmet cam 1/4 mile drag race 9.42@143 mph.

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ZX-14 Top Speed Run, Standing Mile - 18.6.2011 Halli
This was my first time on runway... Messing up with rews, gears etc. Stock 2008 ZX14 with Yoshimura slip-ons.

FZ1 vs ZX6R Firebird Raceway
04 FZ1 vs 06 ZX636 both bikes have the same mods. FZ1 in the left lane.

dusty kawasaki zx14 helmet cam wheelie
jan 1,2011 at sgmp. how not to launch

FZ1 Smokes an R1 at Firebird Raceway
04 All motor FZ1 beats up on a 06 R1 at the drag strip.