Audio Outlet Toyota Tundra

Audio Outlet pulls a one day install with only one installer. Short handed as other installers where off site Dirty D. builds a custom box, cover panel, installs 5ch amp, front & rear components, dynamat, in-dash dvd, and even finds time to make it to night class in time! Way to go Dirty D. - Audio Outlet

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2017 Toyota Tundra custom stereo system and enclosures
Audio Designs & Custom Graphics designed a system for a 2017 Toyota Tundra. We installed Hertz Energy Components in the front running off a Hertz HCP4 bridged and a Hertz HCP1DK running 2 AudioMobile 10" subs in sealed enclosures behind the rear seats. The AudioMobile subs work great in a small sealed enclosure which gives it a perfect environment for a truck. The subwoofers, enclosures, and custom adapters are available on our website at We also built custom expanded PVC adapters for the front doors with FAST rings that seal the speakers to force the energy forward and doesn't get trapped in the front door between the door and the panel. We also dynamatted the front doors to seal the rear wave to create an enclosure to give the midrange a really deep, rich, full sound. We ran a Bit 10 processor that sums signals to produce a full range signal and equalizes and measures and does time alignment. Audio Designs & Custom Graphics 904-333-2322

2014 Toyota Tundra Under seat Custom Enclosure
Audio Designs & Custom Graphics designed and built 3 separate enclosure to house 3 Cerwin Vega 10" flat pro woofers. Each sub was 0.39 cubit feet. These subs sounded awesome. Best flat subs I've heard. We ran the subs off a Digital Designs M1b. Voted #1 in Jacksonville, FL and one of the Top 12 shops in North America by Mobile Electronics Magazine. Give us a call at 904-333-2322.

Toyota Tundra by Kingpin Car Audio
The guys from Miles Around take a look at the Toyota Tundra built by Jason Kranitz and the guys at Kingpin Car Audio. Special thanks to Miles Around for the video.

2014 Toyota Tundra Vehicle Wrap and System Upgrade
This Toyota Tundra gets a Kingpin custom grill, lights, vehicle wrap and an stereo system upgrade while maintaining the factory stereo. Learn more about the services offered in this video at the links below: