Pontiac Ventura at I-40 Dragway

Comin' right at ya! Opening day test-n-tune at I-40 Dragway in Crossville, TN. Nice wheelstand launch from a cool Pontiac!

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Big Chief's Twin Turbo 1970 GTO Judge Start-up to first race and cruising STREET CAR
street car

9 second 72 Pontiac Ventura, Sonoma ET Bracket 2/17/14 built and owned by Steve Caldwell.
Burnout and launch. Checkout the wheelstand with 9" slicks! Best, 9.97.

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Staging Duel and Wild Race at I-40 Dragway Grudge Race
Nitrous small block Mustang vs. turbo 2JZ powered RX7. Both drivers refuse to stage, but the RX7 finally bumps in and gets things started. Both cars struggled for traction and the Mustang came out on top. Sorry the camera went out of focus mid way through the run.