Supercharged KE70 khanacross

first khanacross race in my ke70 after supercharging it i won by 13sec's outright

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KE70 Khanacross Montage
We're gonna need a montage (montage!) 4AGE powered KE70 Corolla at Whitsunday Sporting Car Club's Mixed Khanacross Titles, Tonker Park, 30/09/2012. Music: "Take the Lead" Kevin MacLeod (

Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger FRS / BRZ Install
How to instructions for installing the Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger for 2.0L equipped FR-S, BRZ, or GT86.: This all-new E-Force Supercharger system deliver excellent horsepower and torque in a complete, street-legal kit that fits under the factory hood. Designed from the ground-up and utilizes the Eaton® 1320 TVS rotor assembly for maximum efficiency in a compact package. Edelbrock's inverted Supercharger's designed exclusively for the FA20/4U-GSE engine are seamless with minimal components. This eliminates the possibility of vacuum leaks between gasket surfaces while also allowing for an incredible amount of intake runners length that allows for maximum flow at high rpm, while retaining great daily driving characteristics. The E-Force Superchargers kit usually takes about 8 hours to install and comes as a complete kit, no cutting or welding needed! -------------------------- Music Credits: ________________ - See You In The Morning - jampot Sound recording 27:34 - 29:59 -Mistakes Like This - Prelow Sound recording 14:25 - 15:10 -The Journey - Tom Misch Sound recording 0:16 - 4:28 -You, Me, Here, Now - Detroit Swindle Sound recording 15:11 - 19:59

supercharged 4k first run with blower
my supercharged 4k ke70 khanacross car

AMR500 instalation to a 4K toyota motor in my Locost clubman
As they say too much power is never enough so after watching a few vids of the Asin Supercharger form one of the little Kei cars from Japan I have bought one form a guy in South Australia along with two flanges and an 80mm V belt pulley which should make the Roots type blower spin and about twice engine speed This vid is Part one of the installation process. Now I'm not expecting too much but any improvement will be more than welcome. I plan to use the Weber carb that I recently fitted to the car and I will worry about the Jetting later Likewise Initially I am going to leave the distributor alone but the received wisdom seems to be that you do have to restrict how far the distributor can advance the ignition