Who Killed the Corvair?

Was it Ralph Nader? Bad publicity? General Motors? The muscle car? Larry Claypool, Corvair historian, explains his theory on the demise of the unique, rear-engined car at the Orphan Auto Picnic in August 2009.

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1966 Corvair Corsa:A steal of a Deal (sometimes you can find a good buy!)
Purchased in June, here is a classic 140 hp Corvair that required minimal restoration costs and IS a good investment. The engine, rebuilt in 1985, has only 5-10K on it and runs like new. Restoration was less than $700 for some interior rips. The paint job is adequate and uniform, the lower side panels are very glossy but the hoods over time have lost their gloss top coating. On the highway, the car has a very solid feel to it and drives straight as an arrow. It was made in LA and has no serious rust issues.

'62 Corvair Rampside part 2
This was shot in 1997 in southern Illinois for my "Old Trucks" video series.

Ralph Nader and the Corvair: A Short Overview
The purpose of this video is to clear up any confusion on whether or not Ralph Nader was right about the Corvair. Hope you enjoy! ;) Sources Cited: Nader, Ralph. Unsafe At Any Speed: The Designed-in Dangers of the American Automobile. New York. Grossman Publishers. 30 Nov 1965. Print. Entertainment.time.com. TIME. 17 Aug 2011. Web. 24 May 2015. NHTSA. “Report 82-72”, NHTSA Reports. NHTSA. 12 Aug 1972. Print. Bedard, Patrick “Ralph Nader… You Are Wrong”, Ziff Davis Publishing Co., Car and Driver, Dec 1972, Print.

Tuning the Corvair Engine _ Part 1
Corvair Tune Up Part 1. This is part 1