Race Legal Qualcomm 4/23/10 Peterbilt Drag Racing N-14

79 Peterbilt Cummins N-14 Drag Racing at Qualcomm. Test and Tune for up coming drag race in L.A. Owened By Chuck Potter.

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Cummins N14 Industrial Camshaft Removal
Headcam shot of an engine disassembly in progress.

Race Legal 3-4-2011 Qualcomm Stadium San Diego CA
My First Video at Race Legal San Diego. Sponsored by the San Diego Police Department this gives enthusiasts a place to race easily accessible to all in San Diego.

Bosch P7100 838 160 HP Pump
Maxing out a 94 Dodge P7100 injection pump on the test stand. Parts used, "0" plate, marine rack cap, 4k governor springs, 191 delivery valves, full 21mm of rack,etc. Timing was set at 24 BTDC. #6 Delivery valve was swapped out with laser cut to show a 90+cc increase over the 191.

Anton's First SCCA Car Race in Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, Ca.
Anton and his friend Sherwin went to Qualcomm Stadium for the SCCA Racetrack. Trying out his Japanese Spec MR2-Supercharged