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Race Legal Qualcomm 4/23/10 Peterbilt Drag Racing N-14

79 Peterbilt Cummins N-14 Drag Racing at Qualcomm. Test and Tune for up coming drag race in L.A. Owened By Chuck Potter.


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Diesel Drag Raceing, Englishtown NJ, Peterbuilt, Kenworth
This is a video of the Englishtown NJ diesel drag races, there were thousends of trucks including Peterbuilt, kenworth, Mack, Western Star and many more. A special thanks to our friend and pilot Sumner Chapman for making a this a great day!

3000GT VR-4 drag racing at the track
[old tune; see new videos with better tweaking] My '91 VR-4 visits the track for the first time and performs well for a 20-year-old car. TE04H-13C's @20psi street-tuned on Pump-91 + Meth w/ original motor + trans @136k. This was filmed at San Diego's RaceLegal event at Qualcomm stadium on April 23, 2010. My personal best was: 1.9 60' // 81 MPH // 8.6 ET More on this car here: http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3191520

Bosch P7100 838 160 HP Pump
Maxing out a 94 Dodge P7100 injection pump on the test stand. Parts used, "0" plate, marine rack cap, 4k governor springs, 191 delivery valves, full 21mm of rack,etc. Timing was set at 24 BTDC. #6 Delivery valve was swapped out with laser cut to show a 90+cc increase over the 191.

drag race another peterbuilt vs CUSTOM peterbuilt
This is a drag race at 2009 rocky mountain cummins truck fest this is a peterbuilt vs CUSTOM peterbuilt

Peterbilt Drag Race
A little drag race after work never hurts.

Cold start 3degrees not plugged in, 2001 N-14 cummins.
Cold start, 01 International Eagle, N-14 Cummins, 1.2 million miles all original.

My Race Legal clips from Jan 5, 2007
A few clips of my car at the Qualcomm race legal 1/8th mile Drag Strip.

Big Rig Drag Racing
Blast from the past! The boys at I-65 Chrome dug up some footage of their Glory days out on the track. Gotta love the smell of burnt rubber and diesel baby! www.i65chromeshop.com

Qualcomm Race Legal
First time out with 1649. Red lighted alot! Best time that night was 8.1 at 87. There were some fast 1G's that night.

RaceLegal @ Qualcomm Stadium April 23, 2010
Bunch of different cars I taped early in the day while the sun was still out. Evo WRX STI 240sx corvette Cadillac Golf Mazdaspeed3

525hp Celect Plus N14 - BEST JAKE BRAKE ON YOUTUBE!!!
Shifting gears in the W900L headed outbound fron Hammonds Plains on the 102 in Halifax. I stopped on the Dexter scales on my way through...26500KGS (58000 pounds)

custom yellow peterbilt2
good combination yellow & red

the 2002 peterbilt 379
the 2002 peterbilt 379 just a little vid i decided to take

Inside Camera Mount @ Qualcomm Race Legal
Jay55 strikes back in his grocery getter!

362 peterbilt cummins n14 straight stacks loud jakes
This a 362 pete cummins n14 460+ hp straight pipes no muffler. Loud jake brake. View,rate and comment.

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1964 Plymouth Belvedere : 9.944 @ 131.610
Fred Hutchinson, Engine: 440 stroked to 500, Tires: Moroso front, Phoenix 31.25W x 15

1964 Plymouth Belvedere 426 Max Wedge: 10.060 @ 135.170
Bill Goswick, Engine: 426 Max Wedge, Supercharger: NA Turbos: NA Tires: Hoosier 10.5 slicks

1987 Dodge Shadow 2 door: 11.520 @ 114.730
Bryan, Engine: 2.2 liter, Supercharger: No Turbos: Single Tires: 24.5x8 Slicks

1967 Plymouth Belvedere II: 11.553 @ 116.450
Kirk Breier, Engine: 446, Tires: 9x28 Hoosier/GoodYear slicks

1991 Acura Legend DV8ED TURBO: 12.100 @ 124.040
Christian Pascale, Engine: 3.5, Turbos: Yes Tires: M&H Dot Slicks 26x10.5x15

1967 Plymouth Belvedere : 12.580 @ 111.020
Don, Engine: 440,

1988 Dodge Shadow csx 11: 12.791 @ 106.442
Andrew Eszenszky, Engine: 2.2 16 valve, Turbos: yes Tires: YOKOHAMA

1991 Acura Legend LS Nitrous: 12.953 @ 107.865
Christian Pascale, Engine: 3.5 RL bottomend, Tires: M/H slicks

1989 Dodge Shadow ES turbo: 13.200 @ 101.050
gipper, Engine: 2.5 liter inline 4, Turbos: garret turbo

1994 Acura Legend gs: 13.657 @ 101.861
Eric White, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: N/A Tires: M&H slicks

1991 Acura Legend LS: 13.782 @ 99.135
Christian Pascale, Engine: 3.5 RL bottomend, Tires: M/H slicks

1967 Plymouth Belvedere 2: 14.090 @ 97.200
renea berger, Engine: 383, Tires: 2556015

1994 Acura Legend L Nitrous: 14.109 @ 101.460
Joe E - Florida, Engine: 3.2 L V6 w/ CAI, Tires: G-Force KDW

1988 Dodge Shadow ES: 14.280 @ 95.000
Nathan Doyle, Tires: mt slicks

1991 Acura Legend Coupe L: 14.995 @ 94.120
Edward McLaughlin,

1991 Acura Legend LS Sedan: 15.138 @ 93.387
Shawn, Engine: Stock 3.2L 24valve V6,

1990 Acura Legend legend KA5: 15.410 @ 90.880
John Bourgoin, Engine: 2.7, Tires: yokahama

1991 Acura Legend L: 15.457 @ 90.560
Nick Semperboni, Engine: stock 3.2L, Supercharger: none Turbos: none Tires: 17

1989 Acura Legend KA4: 15.510 @ 91.000
killercivic, Engine: 2.7 24v vtec 177hp, Tires: 195/60R15

1989 Acura Legend LS: 15.640 @ 95.485
Jorge, Engine: 2.7L V6, Tires: GoodYear


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