Edsel The Car's the Star pt1

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1959 Cadillac - The Car's the Star pt1
Quentin Wilson documentary

Strictly for Stunts - 1958 Edsel promotional film
"Strictly for Stunts" is one of several promotional films produced by Ford Motor Company to promote the 1958 Edsel automobile. In September 1957, Ford introduced their new medium-price car, the Edsel. After three disastrous years of sales failure and massive losses, Ford discontinued the Edsel. One of the largest product flops in history, the few remaining Edsels are now prized by collectors. Ford also produced three travelogues to showcase the Edsel: Okenfenokee Interlude, What a Vacation, and West to the Tetons. A highly regarded one hour musical special "The Edsel Show" starring Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Clooney, and Louis Armstrong was presented live on CBS-TV October 13, 1957. "The Edsel Show" and all three travelogues are available on my YouTube channel.

The Edsel: A Brilliant Failure
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1959 Cadillac - The Car's the Star pt2
Quentin Wilson documentary