Mountain Road: Insane Bus Driver [1080HD]

I admire his driving skills as he was using one hand to turn the steering wheel. At the same time, he drove the bus at a high speed on a mountain road.

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Worst Bus Driver Ever
*READ THE DESCRIPTION* This is obvioulsy not the "worst bus driver ever", the title was the one it had where i originally got the video from, i decided to stick with it to call out for views. As you can see in the watermark, I got this from Cheers

Philippine bus driver negotiates narrow muddy road with two log trucks
Driving through typhoon ravaged country it continues to rain. With narrow muddy roads the driver needs to exercise extreme caution as he comes up against two fully laden log trucks which he needs to pass.

Ultimate Bus Fails Compilation 2017!
World's Most Stupid Bus Drivers And Crazy Bus Driving Fails - Enjoy, Like and Comment. Thanks! Please Subscribe for more Car Crash Compilation and Car Fails videos from Russian dash cams.

Super Crazy Bus Driver Only in Indonesia, Supir Bus Ugal Ugalan Gila
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