Do Electric Superchargers Work?

Click here to visit blog Do Electric Superchargers Work? That is a good question and the answer to that question is yes. A real electric Supercharger or electric turbocharger can work. However many people are confused about how these electric Superchargers can add performance to your naturally aspirated engine. No to be confused with those cheap sheet metal inline fans placed inside a rubber coupler but a real turbocharger compressor being powered by a brushless motor. Click on the link above to visit the B2B Blog and see the Dyno results for these inline fans for yourself. Because there are only scams being sold as electric Supercharger the only way to get a real performing blower is to buid it yourself.

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Functional Electric Supercharger: Design, Fab, Test.
Read more about the system at our website here: Update logging the design of a custom designed electric Supercharger. While the internet is flooded with "electric Superchargers" that do little more that spin a bilge fan, I believe that I've invented a solution that offers some potential usefulness. Next steps are to install it on a newer vehicle (E90 BMW, likely) and try for some quantitive Dyno runs! For reference the vehicle in the video is a 1987 Mercedes Benz 300E that being worked on for an upcoming 24hr of LeMons race. Reddit Article Here:

The Truth about my electric supercharger! Phantom is dead!
Is the Phantom electric Supercharger dead? What is the future for electric Superchargers? eturbo is a new company that is trying to bring an affordable electric Supercharger to the market. Here is the link to their website. Follow me on Social media: Instagram: “Like” the Facebook page:

Phantom electric supercharger is back!
I reinstalled my electric Supercharger with a fresh battery. The Power is back! The Deka ETX 30L is available on Ebay at a great price right here: (affiliate)

Supercharger woes
A unexpected added cost for my Phantom electric Supercharger.