Do Electric Superchargers Work?

Click here to visit blog Do Electric Superchargers Work? That is a good question and the answer to that question is yes. A real electric Supercharger or electric turbocharger can work. However many people are confused about how these electric Superchargers can add performance to your naturally aspirated engine. No to be confused with those cheap sheet metal inline fans placed inside a rubber coupler but a real turbocharger compressor being powered by a brushless motor. Click on the link above to visit the B2B Blog and see the Dyno results for these inline fans for yourself. Because there are only scams being sold as electric Supercharger the only way to get a real performing blower is to buid it yourself.

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Electric Supercharger challenge
Students in my High Performance class took on the challenge of testing if an electric Supercharger would increase performance. You can decide for yourself if they are worth the investment. We did not test all makes and brands of electric Superchargers so results may vary based on engine displacement and Volumetric Efficiency (VE)

Inventing a electric turbo part1
this scrappy doo...14.7 performance.. Im thinking to use like 12v voltage regulator to control the voltage for the electric motor speed and some how attach it to my accelerator...ones I get the electric motor and the compressor wheel together..for instant spool

electronic supercharger vid two
more light the fins are chewed to $hit but i fixed that with a better compressor wheel