Camaro IROCZ

My first attempt at real editing software with real footage. Music in this video is Gemini "Graduation" and Skrillex "With you, Friends (long drive)" I do not own rights to these songs. Please visit or for more info on this car.

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Camaro IROC-Z Remix
Some deleted scenes and flashy editing. WATCH IN HD

Slammed and Stanced '91 Camaro Z28
1991 Chevy Camaro Z28, XXR 526 18x10.5 +20 wheels front and rear. 1.25" adapters up front with 1.5° of negative camber and 3/8" spacers in the rear. This leaves me with an effective offset of -12 up front and +11 rear. Ground Control weight jacks with 800lb front and 200lb rear springs. Koni yellow sport struts/shocks. Founders 1" raised strut mounts/camber plates. 1" spacers for strut mounts. 1" extended lower ball joints. Founders Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets. Double adjustable rod ended panhard bar. TDS steering brace (wonderbar).

1982-1992 Camaro z28, iroc z and RS pictures. 350 5.7l ss z28 Camaro 305 burnout fast

1988 IROC-Z Camaro burnout donuts
My '88 IROC doing some burnouts and having fun on private property. Car was still stock at this point other then some Exhaust and lowering springs.