Golf R vs Golf Gti

Golf VI R 270pk VS Golf V Gti 245pk

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Golf R vs R32 (Part 1)
MKIV R32 vs MKVI Golf R, roll on from 20 to about 120-ish starting in 2nd gear. R32 is VF Engineering Supercharged Stage 1, the R is APR Stage 1. The R is the camera car for this run.

Mk6 GTI vs Mk5 GTI
Mk6 is camera car Mk6 mods: APR stage 1 and intake Mk5 mods: Unitronic stage 2 an downpipe Dig/40 roll

Golf R cameracar (stock) vs. Golf GTI (chip) Björkvik 29 Maj Sweden
Flying start at 50km/h, the red GTI DSG is tuned with BSR chip aprox. 240-245hk. Golf R DSG is stock, 270hk 4wd.

【非凡不一樣】GOLF R vs. GOLF GTI
好看的新聞就是不一樣!『非凡不一樣』是58頻道非凡新 台最新推出的專題報導節目,由胡凱淳與張振驊攜手主 ,快來加入粉絲團幫我們加油打氣吧!