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2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid NHTSA Crash Test Crash test dummies representing an average-sized adult male and a small-sized adult female are placed in the driver and front passenger seats, respectively, and are secured with seat belts. Vehicles are crashed into a fixed barrier at 35 mph (56.3km/h), which is equivalent to a head-on collision between two similar vehicles each moving at 35 mph. -- Thumbs up for the crash dummies! Do you think this vehicle is safe? Would you buy it? More crash tests every week: Favorite this video and Subscribe to CrashNet1!

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2014-2016 Toyota Prius Hybrid/Plug-In IIHS Narrow-Overlap Crash Test
The IIHS Narrow-Overlap (20% overlap) frontal impact at 40 Mph. Results will be applicable from 2014 until the remainder of this production cycle. The Prius Plug-In shares the same rating. Overall Rating= A Safety Cage= M Dummy Readings: Head/Neck= G Chest= G Hip/Thigh= G Lower Leg/Foot= G Restraints= A

Prius Plug In Install Electronic Shift Switch Stage 10 PIP

2012 Volkswagen Passat NHTSA Frontal Impact (NHTSA Five Star Car)
Driver-***** Passenger-***** Overall-*****

2012 Toyota Camry/Hybrid NHTSA Frontal Impact (NHTSA Five Star Car)
Driver-***** Passenger-**** Overall-**** (NHTSA Five Star Car)