The all new toyota venza

This is a video that I made for the all new toyota venza 2009 .. mine 's a v6 blizzard pearl...the music is call opening from the movie soundtrack-leaving me loving you thanks for watch!!

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david tao 陶喆 暗戀
love this song really much...especially the melody....another good song from david.tao after" love very simple"..and "angel「暗戀」不僅是陶喆自編、自導、自演的同名電影主 題曲, 更是專輯裡「身價」最高的1首歌曲, 因為陶喆為了製作3個不同感覺的電影配樂版本, 所花的相關費用加總後確定飆過百萬! 陶喆在恩師兼名製作人王治平的推薦下, 找來英美樂壇的知名樂手Paul Bushnell來負責這首英式抒情搖滾歌曲的貝斯彈奏。 陶喆表示,暗戀的經驗人人都有, 這首歌曲的靈感也來自他的親身經歷, 他希望唱出可以默默喜歡一個人、 卻不一定要擁有他的堅定態度, 並且說:「我想讓大家明白:即使是一段沒有結局的愛情 ,但這段情感仍是充滿著力量的!! "作词:娃娃 作曲:陶喆/吴庆隆 Still lonely, still loney 昨晚又再见到你 你还是那么美丽 我紧张到话都不会说 就傻傻看着你 渴望永远这距离 就是和你在一起 醒来发现这一切都只 是我的梦境 告诉自己要冷静 却又无法不想你 我的懦弱已经开始让 我讨厌我自己 是你对我有戒心 还是我没有自信 可是谁也不能阻止我 我要暗恋你 so lonely so here I am standing all alone 在某个街头 有个我在这里只为你等候 here I am waitting just for you 开放我所有 希望你能了解你能够接受

Toyota Venza Road Test & Review
Toyota Venza Road Test & Review. Drivin' Ivan Katz is the National Sports Car Examiner at Read the full Venza review and see all of Ivan's videos, reviews and articles here: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!

never give up。。。。。太阳照常升起~life goes on
Thai Pantene television created by Grey Thailand for P&G's Pantene Chrysalis brand. The story of a deaf and mute girl who learns to play the violin against all odds'this is my most favorite music of all time( Canon in D" by Pachelbel) ..this is more than a commericial..its a good inspiring video ..we all have dream's in our life..we all have things we want to do in our life...but lot of time...we give up because don't want to wait till its too late.........never give up your dream and hope..I know it sounds easy but it true life is kind of like a road..we have to turn right and left...but if we turn back we will never reach the place where we wants to matter how hard your life is...never give up...because there is always a "tomorrow.." goes on......

2009 Toyota Venza !
New 2009 Toyota Venza at Los Angeles Auto Show 2009.