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Gav's EV Conversion - Step 18 - The Inspection

Visit www.EVsecrets.com & grab my new EV Conversion book + video package! It's legal at last! Two tough inspections and a sea of paperwork later, the electric Mitsubishi Tredia is legally allowed on the road! I was as nervous as hell during the inspections but it turns out that it was all worth it as I now have a fully functioning, road-legal electric car! This episode begins with transporting the car up to Auckland City for the main Certification test, then transferring the car all the way back to New Plymouth for the Warrant of Fitness test. Once I had those tests under my belt and a WOF sticker on my windscreen, I could go to the post office and... well, get more forms to fill out. But once I'd filled THOSE out, I was given my registration sticker! Next step was to start my "Road User Charges" (another tax) and away we go - Time to hit the roads! I celebrated by taking the car out for it's first legal go-anywhere road trip! I even passed two gas stations, one of them might look familiar! As always, I welcome your comments and tips. But in the mean time, I'm off for another drive! ;) Cheers!


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How to Start your EV Conversion
What needs to be considered before starting your electric vehicle conversion. www.EV4Unow.com

Gav's EV Conversion - 25 - Life "Between" EVs
Visit www.EVsecrets.com & grab my new EV Conversion book + video package! Yeehaa! It's the loudest, biggest epsiode yet with everything from Tahitian sunsets to Rick Astley - and yet it still remains (loosely) based around electric vehicles! Life without the electric car has been tough but hope for KiwiEV 2 gives me strength. I've already decided on a donor car and a specific voltage and I'm confident I can wipe the conversion cost of KiwiEV 2 in half, yet still have a great performing EV. While writing my EV conversion book I've been researching heaps of cost-cutting ideas and methods for building a good, cheap EV and I'm looking forward to putting them into practice. Call them "EV Secrets" if you like. :) We're in winter down here in New Zealand which means it's cold! So cold in fact that I demonstate some sheer cunning, matched with good old fashioned laziness to get around starting cold cars in the morning! Also in this episode you'll finally get to see what we used the "Unspent Gas Money" on (finally!). Thanks to the money that would have otherwise gone to BP's profits, we were able to spend 7 nights in paradise. THANKS BP! Hehehe (evil laugh) There's also three follow up's on the other converters mentioned in the previous full episode of Gav's EV Conversion. Adam's MR2 is roaring along (albeit silently), Richard's LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) powered Laser is past halfway, and Kearon's electric Capri (in Australia) is getting media attention. This is by far the biggest, juiciest episode yet, packed full of EV-related stuff! ENJOY! Gav www.KiwiEV.com - and now - EVsecrets.com! P.S. You probably won't believe this but I don't actually like Rick Astley's music. Honest.

Gav's EV Conversion 2 - Dismantling the Tredia
Visit www.EVsecrets.com & grab my new EV Conversion book + video package! The Electric Car Conversion continues! Following on from my first video a few days earlier, this is where we finally find a way to get the Mitsubishi "Deadia" into the garage. Once in the garage the dismantling begins. We start by removing all the old bits & pieces not needed for an Electric Car. A few examples of now obsolete items I enjoyed removing were: Gas tank Exhaust system Fuel lines Petrol filler spout & lines Used engine oil Oil filter Petrol Filter Carburetor Radiator & lots of brown water And of course, The Planet Killer (the engine)! I have appeased the knuckle Gods many times over the last few days. I have made many a sacrifice of skin and blood to them, as it is written in the knuckle bible. You'll notice I got a big suprise when looking at the gearbox after removing the engine... It wasn't a good suprise either! Enjoy the story as it unfolds everyone.

#1) Project ForkenSwift electric car conversion: 1st powerup
http://www.ForkenSwift.com - First power-up of the freshly installed forklift hydraulic pump motor in our beer budget, low speed, Geo Metro electric vehicle conversion. --- Project ForkenSwift is an electric car conversion made using parts from a Suzuki Swift, Geo Metro, Baker electric forklift and a golf cart. http://www.forkenswift.com

Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention - EVCCON
WSIU Coverage of the first Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention

Rain + Lawn + Electric Car = Mudville
I found some old footage today of the electric car battling on our New Zealand lawn during a really wet winter. We didn't have a driveway at that stage so we had to park the car on the lawn, but it got stuck a lot. I miss the electric car, but I don't miss the lawn being chopped up! In case you're wondering if I'm still alive, yes I am! I'm living in Slovakia with my wife Veronika yes, I'm still utterly in love with electric cars! Unfortunately the laws here don't allow electric car conversions, but I'm working with a company who is pushing the government to change legislation so that I can convert a car to electric again. If we can change the laws, the only question remaining is... what car would I convert?

EV West Electric Motor Accessory Plate Installation Video - Power Steering, Vacuum, AC Compressor
Matt Hauber covers the details of our Accessory Plate for the NetGain series motors for electric vehicles. This kit comes complete with everything you need for your electric motor driven systems, and includes a KRC Power Steering Pump and a belt driven vacuum pump. Also includes a bracket for your OEM AC compressor and a belt tensioner and crank pulley. Matt covers the easy installation of this kit.

BMW E39 EV Conversion 13 Power Steering
Run through of the power steering system and views of my bald head!

I get to drive another EV!
Just a quick video inbetween conversions. Veteran EV converter Ross Webster popped in for a cuppa and some electricity today, and I got to take his converted Fiat 126 out for a spin. I've been thinking of another conversion every single day since the Tredia, and I'm desperate to do another one - but first we're moving to Slovakia (in Central Europe). We had quite a run of poopy bad luck recently and after surviving on rice and scraps for too many weeks we said enough is enough, sold everything, and now we're ready to try a fresh new start in Central Europe with my wife's family. The plane leaves in a few days. Anyone got a Slovak phrasebook I can borrow? :) Stay tuned for the next conversion. I've already decided what donor car I'm going to use. Be warned, it's an unusual one... It'll also be lithium powered! I also want to say thanks very much to all the wonderful people I've met through my original conversion. I get regular emails from so many great people from all over the world all thanks to a simple electric Tredia. You all rock. :) Can't wait to start the next conversion, so stay tuned - something's coming soon!

#3) Project ForkenSwift EV: first electric test drive
http://www.ForkenSwift.com - Officially, we're only at the battery rack building stage of the project. But while waiting to get a welder to finish the job, Spring Fever struck and against better judgment we piled 6 batteries into the car, hooked everything together and went up & down the street a bunch of times. (Oh - and by the way, if you enjoy spotting continuity errors in movies, you'll have a field day with this one!) Again, apologies for the video quality - 20 year-old video camera, makeshift way of getting the pics into the computer for editing. In case titles are hard to read, here they are: 1. a BIG ForkenSwift milestone 2. Officially... we're at the stage of the project where we're making battery racks. 3. The racks will hold four batteries up front, and four in the hatchback. 4. (Cardboard mockups - help figure out positioning and clearances.) 5. But while waiting for a welder to finish the trays... we got SPRING FEVER 6. and decided to "set up" (ahem) the car for a little test drive 7. Here's the forklift pot box, modified to talk nicely to the golf cart controller 8. Surplus forklift battery charger. 9. Umm... Don't try this at home. :-O 10. Darin's actual first drive ... 11. Shhhh... Listen... 12. Listen to this: unsolicited feedback from a guy fixing a car in his driveway... 13. "HEY - WHY'S YOUR CAR SO QUIET?" 14. " BULL$#!T ... REALLY ? " 15. " AWESOME! " 16. THAT WAS NOT MADE UP :-) 17. Ivan takes a spin. 18. Coming up: more comments from the peanut gallery, in ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... 19. " Can you turn the muffler up a little bit, Ivan? " 20. An impromptu car show with the car repair guy and his friends ... --- Project ForkenSwift is an electric car conversion made using parts from a Suzuki Swift, Geo Metro, Baker electric forklift and a golf cart.

Electric Vehicle Conversion in a weekend - Ford Ranger pt2
You can convert an old truck into an Electric Vehicle in a weekend! This includes "Part 2" - installation of Battery Management System - and road test!

Dual Motor Electric Vehicle Drivetrain With Powerglide 2 Speed Transmission Walkthrough by EV West
Here's a brief 10 minute video that gives a nice overview of the EV West 2 speed Powerglide transmission that runs without a torque converter direct drive to 2 coupled Warp 11 motors. Depending on the voltage and current, these twin motors can put out well over 1000 lb/ft of torque, and 600+ horsepower. We used this motor and transmission combination to power our BMW M3 to the summit of Pikes Peak in 2012 setting an all time record for street legal electric cars. The strength and reliability of this system is key. For more information regarding this bolt in drive train, please visit http://evwest.com for the latest updates.

Gav's EV Conversion 3 - Painting the Tredia
Visit www.EVsecrets.com & grab my new EV Conversion book + video package! Continuing from Video #2, this is where I begin the challenge of fixing (or at least trying to) the dings, scrapes & rust holes of a 20 year old car, ready to become an Electric Car! I started with the tail light rust repair which seemed like a straightforward thing... It wasn't. No less than FOUR attempts later the tail light area slowly began to look like it should. If you're a professional painter, please don't watch this video. Hmmm. I think I'll have to redo quite a few parts after the conversion's complete anyway. I must point out that this is all new to me and I was useless at painting in school. There, that's my excuse.

BMW E39 EV Conversion 24 Differential Dilemma
What begins as an easy diff swap turns into a saga. To be continued!

My Civic EV Electric Car Project Part 3 Our AC-50 Electric Motor Kit
2001 Honda Civic Electric Car Project. Our AC-50 Electric Motor Kit. Just alittle video to show the components I have selected to drive our electric car down the road. This is a well thought out kit that I have seen in use and have seen relentlessly tested! This exact same kit and others are available at http://www.evtv.me/ Our motor @ 108v at 650a up to 3800 RPM will deliver 121ftlbs of torque and 76hp. Its designed and works best in cars under 3000lbs. Subscribe to Tomswonderfulworld watch and learn as I build an Electric Car.

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