Mazda 626 wagon fe3 turbo dyno tuning

230kw FWD fe3 turbo. wolf 3d v4 computer, 4x LS1 coils.

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MAZDA GT 626 / 1986
New generation Advanty F1 / EN 18" yokohama parada specs II -215/35/18 PARA LOS SEGUIDORES DE MAZDA ZOOM- ZOOM ESTE ES MI TRIBUTO.....Para mi hija Luziana.....¡¡¡

Mazda 626 vs BMW 525

Mazda 626 wagon fe3 turbo in citylink tunnel
quad throttles and a hks 3037

Mazda 626 Turbo Install
1991 Mazda 626 DX with 2.2L 12 valve F2 motor MTX. Here's the intimate details of the turbo install.... no special care was taken what so ever during the install and testing. I drove it like this for about a week until I got tired of the oil dripping and pipes blowing off before I ordered fittings for some of it. The oil feed was tapped into the back of the oil filter to provide "lubrication" to the turbo. The garden hoses had to go because they were too soft when heated up... learned lots of what DOES work and what DOESN'T work. That's for sure! Car netted a 14.6 in the 1/4 at 98 MPH before I got tired of it. 140,000 on the motor when turbo'd. That car put up with a lot of abuse. Motor and turbo are still good but I junked the car.