Streetrace Legend - Aleksandar Kostadinovic Audi RS4 (2006 - 2010)

Alex is a competitor from Belgrade, Serbia and started participating in the 402 streetrace drag events in 2006. He is the official record holder od 402m (1/4mile) streetracing events in Serbia and Croatia with a time of 10.13 seconds. You can see his record run here...

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2010 Streerace Record 10.13 sec - Audi vs VW
Class 10 sec finals at 2010 Osijek 4 streetrace event. 10.13 sec the new Croatian and Serbian 402m record

Streetrace Legend - Dario Ljubicic "Fica"
Dario is one of the oldest 402m Streerace competitors from Croatia. He has been driving since 2003. In 2011 he organized his first 402m streetrace event in August 2011.

Streetrace Legend - Sinisa Basta
Sinisa Basta is a serious and successful competitor at the streetrace drag events since 2007. He drives an Opel Kadett with two engines and races in the 10 & 11 second class. This video is a tribute to his participation in this racing. Sinisa Basta je ozbiljan i uspesan takmicar na trkama ubrzanja na 402m, poznatijim kao streetrace manifestacije. On vozi Opel Kadett sa dva motora. Ovaj video sadrzi intervjue sa njim iz Rijeke 2008 i Osijeka 2010.

Streetrace Legend - Robert Meljkuti Opel Honda (2006 - 2010)
Robert is from Novi Sad, Serbia and a competitor since 2006. He first drove Opel Kadett and had a lot of wins until 2009 when he changed cars. He now drives a Honda Civic with a special Opel motor. In 2009 with Honda he won in Mostar and in Osijek at the streetrace events (drag racing) in the 12 second class.