Streetrace Legend - Aleksandar Kostadinovic Audi RS4 (2006 - 2010)

Alex is a competitor from Belgrade, Serbia and started participating in the 402 streetrace drag events in 2006. He is the official record holder od 402m (1/4mile) streetracing events in Serbia and Croatia with a time of 10.13 seconds. You can see his record run here...

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Streetrace Legend - Sead Agic
Sead is a successful competitor in the 402m streetrace competition series. He started back in 2004 in the lowest class and is now racing in the 13 second class. Also he is an organizer of the Bosnian championship and president of the Sarajevo street race club.

2010 Streerace Record 10.13 sec - Audi RS4 vs VW Golf II
Class 10 sec finals at 2010 Osijek 4 streetrace event. 10.13 sec the new Croatian and Serbian 402m record

Streetrace Legend - Slobodan Petosevic BMW Audi Mercedes (2005 - 2010)
Most celebrated and consistent racer. Serbian 2005 & 2006 national record record holder. Has driven a variety of cars. Introduced the first BMW M3 turbo popular nick 'turčin'. Drove a variety of cars Mercedes AMG C32 & AMG C63, Ford Escort Cosworth, Audi R8, Porsche 911 turbo...

Streetrace Legend - Robert Meljkuti Opel Honda (2006 - 2010)
Robert is from Novi Sad, Serbia and a competitor since 2006. He first drove Opel Kadett and had a lot of wins until 2009 when he changed cars. He now drives a Honda Civic with a special Opel motor. In 2009 with Honda he won in Mostar and in Osijek at the streetrace events (drag racing) in the 12 second class.