Streetrace Legend - Aleksandar Kostadinovic Audi RS4 (2006 - 2010)

Alex is a competitor from Belgrade, Serbia and started participating in the 402 streetrace drag events in 2006. He is the official record holder od 402m (1/4mile) streetracing events in Serbia and Croatia with a time of 10.13 seconds. You can see his record run here...

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Laganini - Alex 402 (2010)

Streetrace Legend - Slobodan Petosevic BMW Audi Mercedes (2005 - 2010)
Most celebrated and consistent racer. Serbian 2005 & 2006 national record record holder. Has driven a variety of cars. Introduced the first BMW M3 turbo popular nick 'turčin'. Drove a variety of cars Mercedes AMG C32 & AMG C63, Ford Escort Cosworth, Audi R8, Porsche 911 turbo...

Streetrace Legend - Sinisa Basta
Sinisa Basta is a serious and successful competitor at the streetrace drag events since 2007. He drives an Opel Kadett with two engines and races in the 10 & 11 second class. This video is a tribute to his participation in this racing. Sinisa Basta je ozbiljan i uspesan takmicar na trkama ubrzanja na 402m, poznatijim kao streetrace manifestacije. On vozi Opel Kadett sa dva motora. Ovaj video sadrzi intervjue sa njim iz Rijeke 2008 i Osijeka 2010.

Streetrace Legend - Zoran Slavkovic Suzuki (2004 - )
Zoran has been a competitor at these events since 2004. After 7 years racing and two customized drag prototype cars he managed to win 1st place in the 13 sec klass at the 2011 Osijek Streetrace Show No.7. He drives a Maruti with a Suzuki Swift mid-engine with 190 BHP. Zoran Slavkovic se takmici od 2004 na trkama ubrzanja. U Osijeku 7, prvi put je osvojio prvo mesto u klasi 13. Vozi Suzuki Maruti.