FPV F6 FG ute

Me taking my fpv f6 fg manual for a drive stock apart from bov mod and center muffler removed

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FG F6 Nizpro 4" Exhaust
2011 FG F6 with Nizpro mods. Makes around 360rwkw on pump 98. This vid was about trying to show how good a system the stainless 4" is & doesn't drone at all. Partly filmed with phone, so i do apologise for some of the audio quality! Really doesn't sound the same in real life, it's much better!

BA F6 Ute, Powerplay 2013
My F6 Tornado at Powerplay 2013. turbo had a bent fin in the compressor wheel, which is why it sounds like a Supercharger.

Quick clip to show the sound of a process west street air box, the clip does not do it justice. Car has minor mods and makes 282rwkw.

04/10 FPV F6 Typhoon sedan FG MKI 69,140kms
Thankyou Antony, regards, Shane Miller 0418859359